A few words

About Me

My main aspiration is to engineer amazing things.

Popular Platforms

I enjoy mastering games and one day might develop them as well.

I want to be able to work with clients to create experience that this world has never seen yet. With everchanging technology there is no reason why games should stay stagnent.

Every game offers the same things there has to be something different  that will change the way gaming is done there is no reason to rely on specific devices for phone one day gaming will be able to be wherever and whenever you want it sort of like free energy. If you have an game ideas but are not interested in building them or developing them yourself than I would gladly listen to any ideas you might have to help me reach my goal.

Some Gaming Facts

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What drives Me

I always go the extra mile to figure out what creates awesome game experiences...

My Mission

To graduate high school as soon as possible and find a college that is capable of turning me into an amazing engineer.

My Vision

To become an engineer, design, create and build things that currently do not exist today. Things that will contribute to making society a better place at home, at work and in the community.

Games I have mastered

These are my favorite games. I will continue to add more as I go.

Let’s talk about your project

I am always looking for ideas!